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Ameen General Contractor

Ameen General Contractor Company is a family-owned business that specializes in commercial and residential remodeling projects. Since 1999, we’ve done quality remodeling work in both homes and businesses. With locations in Philadelphia and Norristown, our services can be obtained anywhere in the city and surrounding counties.

What We Do

At Ameen General Contractor Company, we’re capable of handling a wide variety of commercial and residential remodeling projects. We do professional bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovation, total commercial and residential renovation work, door and window service, basic plumbing, masonry, electrical work and more. Basically, if there’s an improvement you’d like made to some part of your home or business, there’s a good chance we can help. With more than a quarter-century combined experience, our employees are capable and reliable professionals.

Why Choose Us?

When and what to renovate are not answers that home and business owners come to easily. Generally, these projects require major time and financial commitments. When you hire a professional contractor, you’re going to want to be able to trust that they’re going to do a good job. We’ve done all types of remodeling work and have an impeccable reputation in the Philadelphia area. This is because we’re dedicated workers that take an intricate approach to our work and show up on time with the right attitude and work ethic. Attention to detail is very important to us.

Ameen General Contractor Company stands behind our work; we would never do anything to your home that we wouldn’t do to our own. We use only the best materials and the most well-maintained tools and equipment. When you choose us, you’re getting the best of everything.

We serve all of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. If you believe its time for remodeling work in your home or business, feel free to give us a call at (610) 750-8318 to set up an appointment.